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Study Trips



Nils Peters found a crystal at the sacred River Ganges in Rishikesh which led him to Dharmshala in the Himalayas.
The jewellery designer encountered the world of gemstones and he acquired several Chakra healing wands.
Nils Peters was inspired by Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites and by visits to different Ashrams on his two-month long trip.
He rented studios for the design of a new jewellery collection at Cape Comorin (Kanyakumari) and in the Kovalam light-house in southern India.



In the southeast of Malaysia lies one of the most beautiful islands of the world: Tioman
The incredible underwater world, the coral beaches, the jungle and its inhabitants impress in a special kind of way.
From the mussels, snail shells and coral fragments washed ashore by the waves of the sea, a new jewellery collection is being developed.


Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

For five weeks Nils Peters designs on the island Rapa Nui, which is the worlds farthest away from the mainland. He designs a new jewellery collection and further develops his book.
Ancient motives from the culture of the island inhabitants, f.e. the birdman and the Make-Make, that are visible on some cavewalls, fascinate the artist as much as the gigantic stone sculptures (Moai).
The artist engraves motives, which can be connected to the design of our times, into obsidian.


Sri Lanka

At an ayurvedic treatment Nils Peters met Mrs. Dr. H. P. K. Dahanayaka who introduced him to Ayurveda – the knowledge about life. He designs the Ayurveda staff and the Ayurveda Ring (Naverathne).
Together with the jeweller Johann Aida the designer visits gemstone mines und rivers, in which sapphires, rubies and turmalines are searched for. He is especially fascinated by moonstone.
Ideas for a book and a film come to his mind.



In Vienna, Nils Peters studies Michael Gienger's teachings about energizing water with gemstones and Dr. Masaru Emoto's water crystal photography as a preparation for the „40 Highlights“ exhibition. At Kurhaus Wiesbaden, he combines words of Christ, Buddha, Tolle, Mozart, and other spiritual persons with choice pieces of jewellery and messages of the water.



Nils Peters spent 4 months in Vienna where he became the idea for „Sternenschmuck“ (Star Jewellery), amber in combination with meteorites, in the natural-historic museum.


New Zealand

Goal of the four month journey of Nils Peters was to look into the eye of a whale and to combine amber with jade. On invitation of the Maori shaman Wai Turoa Morgan he participated at the Hikoi Wairua (Sacred Walk) and learned about the culture of the Maori. Wai Turoa Morgan invited Nils Peters to further projects.



With his guide Laxman Nils Peters pilgrimaged several weeks in the Himalaya and learned about Hinduism and Buddhism. 12 meditation wands came into existence.


Portugal, England, Canada

Nils Peters lived in lava-caves at the Atlantic Ocean and designed the sun-mandala there. In West-Canada he spent several months in the wilderness and visited the native inhabitants. He studied the medicine wheel, an astrology of earth from Sun Bear.